Autumn/Winter Lookbook

Autumn/Winter Lookbook

I’ve been embarrassingly AWALL recently… but hey, it’s the festive season! Or that’s what I keep telling myself. I promise to get back on it in the New Year – resolutions and all that. In the meantime, enjoy this little shoot that my very talented friend Demi helped out with from Lights of Luna. Go give her blog some love.

img_9681 img_9678 img_9674 img_9679 img_9677 img_9671 img_9673 img_9685 img_9670 img_9682 img_9668 img_9667 img_9669 img_9680 img_9683 img_9675 img_9684 img_9676

Want to see the video? Have a look below:


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