Five great podcasts for your commute

I thought I would share a quick breakdown on a few of my recent favourites in case they spark any inspiration for those of you reading. Some of the below are the kind of podcasts you tune into every few weeks when there’s a new episode on a different topic, and others are series based on one event or subject matter that you’d binge listen to.

Thoughts On: fast fashion and sustainability

I had a mass exodus clean out of my wardrobe recently and realised just how much clothing I had that I just didn't wear. A lot of the out pieces were fast fashion - items I'd hauled from online stores for events, nights out and (I hate that I'm saying this) to look nice in pictures.  This blog looks at fast fashion from a 20-somethings perspective and little changes that can make a difference.

A short stay in Bath

Taking time out from the everyday hustle of working life is important - it’ll keep you sane, do away with stress and even motivate you to get back to work. It’s something I haven’t done much of this year, so a week away in Bath was the perfect break. In this blog, I talk about places to go, eat and see in the city.