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Five great podcasts for your commute

Five great podcasts for your commute

I’m one of those people that flits in and out of podcasts. Much like a Netflix series, I have to really be invested to want to listen. Once I’m hooked I’ll have it on every time I’m in my car - driving to and from work, on the way to visit my boyfriend, popping to a nail appointment (profound, I know).

As I’m trying to get into the practice of listening to podcasts more, I like to have a look at what other people I follow are listening to, to give me some ideas. I have to be honest, I don’t find the Apple Podcast app is the best for suggesting podcasts out might like, Spotify is a little better but you have to know what to search for. Side note - if you know a good app for podcasts that gives you suggestions based on what you listen to, let me know!

Anyways, I thought I would share a quick breakdown on a few of my recent favourites in case they spark any inspiration for those of you reading. Some of the below are the kind of podcasts you tune into every few weeks when there’s a new episode on a different topic, and others are series based on one event or subject matter that you’d binge listen to.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

As a marketer and just general working millennial, I find Gary Vee to be super insightful. His podcast series has a mix of shorter sound bites taken from interviews and longer talks on topics. I like to listen to this one on the way to work in the morning to get my brain working before I get to the office.

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK)

This is a brilliant podcast series that I always come back to. Josh Clark and Charles Bryant choose and research different topics for each episode and discuss the history or theories of that particular thing. For example, they have an episode all about Rubik’s cubes, one that talks about whether we can live on Mars, and a recent one on whether you could live without a refrigerator. If you like learning random facts about everyday things, this is a podcast for you.


Following the journey of a New York Times reporter Rukmini as she talks with ex members of ISIS and their families to piece together the inner workings. This podcast is a great series to get stuck into if you’re interested in learning about how different cultures and groups work. It is a controversial topic, but one that is worth educating yourself on. With 12 episodes, I found this one is good for long drives or commutes after a long day to take your mind off work and delve into something completely different.

TED Radio Hour

From NPR, this podcast is similar to SYSK in the way that it focuses on one topic each episode. Guy Raz focuses on a topic per episode and draws in expertise from interviews and on stage clips from TED events across the world. I like this podcast as I feel like If you like to listen to opinion and research type podcasts with differing views, this is the type you should listen to.

The Food Medic Podcast

Hosted by medical doctor and influencer Dr Hazel Wallace, this podcast looks into and dispels different medical issues and conditions with guests who are experts in their field. I feel like I learn so much from this podcast and really enjoy the episodes that are focused around female health. I’d 100% recommend this to anyone who is interested in general wellbeing and learning more about the ways in which our bodies work and how we can live healthier lives.

I didn't go to university. Six years later, do I regret it?

I didn't go to university. Six years later, do I regret it?