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#AD Review of Welly Merck watch

#AD Review of Welly Merck watch

I had been searching for a new watch for a while, looking at styles such as the ones found on Olivia Burton and Daniel Wellington. So when Welly Merck reached out to me to see if I’d like to review a watch, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out this style. Welly Merck is a Swiss watch company that sells luxury watches online, offering a range of classic styles for men and women.

The team at Welly Merck have given me a code to share that you can find at the end of this post, if you’re thinking about treating yourself, a family member or friend to a new watch! 

I chose the Classic Washington B watch, 36mm with the BBW watch face. I’m usually a silver jewellery girl, but went for this all-black watch to fit my mostly monochrome wardrobe. This watch goes with everything, which means I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I received my package in January. 

You can read more about the brand and its backstory on the website, but the need-to-know points about their watches are:

  • Two-hand, sleek design with no second-counting hand

  • 4 O’Clock position crown design to give a ‘hierological’ experience - this stops it from digging into your wrist for comfortable wear 

  • Sapphire crystal glass watch face for minimum scratches

  • Easily interchangeable straps to customise the appearance

  • Customisation available to engrave names or a word onto the back of the watch case

I didn’t want to write a review of the watch as soon as I got it as I’ve had a more expensive piece in the past from a designer brand which tarnished and scratched easily. I wanted to make sure I’d got fair wear before sharing my thoughts, which is why it has taken me four months to feel ready to write up my thoughts!

Welly Merck watch review -

Here are my honest thoughts after wearing my Welly Merck piece since January...

Quick post & packaging

I received my watch within a week from order in the post, and it was packaged well in a tiffany blue box which encased another, smaller black box which held the watch in tightly packed velvet. The smaller box would be good for travel if you wanted to store it away nicely, and holds the warranty card and instruction manual in a pocket inside. The black box has an authenticity sticker, and the whole packaging screams luxury.

Sizing it up 

Instead of having notches and a buckle, the mesh watch strap has small nicks on the back which secure the clip. This ensures that people with different size wrists will be able to wear the watch without having to have links taken out or adding extra holes. The watch, as Welly Merck suggests on its website, is very comfortable to wear. The watch is reasonably heavy to show its value but light and slim on the wrist to make it acceptable for everyday wear. 

Teething problems 

Whilst we’re on the topic of the watch strap, I did have some teething problems when I first got the watch. The clip is very stiff until you start to wear it often. I had to use my teeth to open it the first few weeks as I didn’t want to break any nails - so be wary of that! 

Overall wear 

I see no scratches on the watch face, as for the strap there is one small spot where the colour has been rubbed off to reveal a stainless steel looking grey underneath. It looks like this is where the strap goes through the clip and it is hardly noticeable unless you really inspect the watch. Over time though, this may wear more. 

Timeless design 

Lastly, I think this watch has a brilliant design. I’ve had many compliments and questions on it since I received it, and although many don’t yet know the name, I think the company is effectively marketing its watches on Instagram through the use of micro-influencers. I like how the design of the watch is classy and not too flashy, as some higher end pieces can be.

So, the million dollar question: Would I spend the whole amount on one of these watches having tried it out? Answer, yes. I think its well worth its price point and lives up to expectations of a boutique watch brand. If you want a different twist on a Daniel Wellington watch, I’d definitely recommend Welly Merck.

If you’d like to buy your own watch, use the discount code WMBecky50 for $50 off.


Welly Merck gave me a sufficient discount to purchase this watch in exchange for content, which does make this post an ad / sponsored content, however all of my views are my own, honest and transparent. 

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