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Three ways to start changing your perspective

Three ways to start changing your perspective

One of the main ‘New Years Resolutions’ (and I use the term loosely) I made for 2019 was to learn, learn and learn some more. I’d like to think I’ve been sticking to that pretty well so far. Since the start of the year I’ve completed the Google Garage Digital Marketing Fundamentals course - if you didn’t know I’m a marketing gal by profession, yes that is a technical term - and FINALLY finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale after a year of back and forth with it. 

Enough of the small talk, this post is about changing perspectives, and I think it neatly comes under the umbrella of learning. One way we can constantly learn without picking up a book or spending hours on an online course is to challenge ourselves and the way we think. 

Notice your responses

I believe it’s important to notice your first reaction to situations and not always take it for face value. Mull your thoughts over, roll them around your mind as you would chocolate on your tongue (god I wish I was devouring a dairy milk bar right about now) and see if your gut was correct or if you could’ve been more sensitive, more realistic, more... humane? 

It’s easy, especially in the busy world we live in, to moan about things we don’t think are fair or complain about other’s mistakes. Trust me, I’ve been there more times than I can count. But recently, I’ve got bored of it. I’ve got bored of complaining, moaning and grumbling to no end. And I’ve noticed a shift in perspective.

Today someone complained to me about something and I genuinely thought, for the first time in ages, why don’t you do something about it then? I didn’t automatically empathise. I didn’t take their energy to heart, but I wanted them to recognise their feelings and use it to drive change. 

Recognise that you're only human, and so are the people around you

This is all not to say I won’t ever moan again - I think its healthy to have a good winge over coffee and cake (edit: was I really hungry while writing this?!) but I’m actively trying to be more solutions based with my bitching. 

Anyway, this post is about YOU. Following my backstory, I’m going to talk about three things you can actively use to change perspective: 

  1. Listen more than you speak. This one is pretty self explanatory, but try to hear from those around you before you push your opinion. This way you can learn how others minds tick and recognise the differences in opinion in the room you’re in.  Others opinions may surprise you, or confirm yours. 

  2. Value rest and recuperation. Lack of sleep, exercise and time to yourself can result pretty quickly in burnout. And we all know there’s nothing worse than a cranky, overworked person to change the atmosphere. 

  3. Try to be neutral first… until you find out more. Try to remember that a lack of understanding doesn’t mean something is wrong, it’s just the absence of time. You don’t have to identify with something to actively take the time to educate yourself on it before you form an opinion. 

Now while these points seem to be pretty general, try putting one or two of them into practice in your daily life, and I can assure you you'll find your mind at rest and open to opinion. 

Whenever I find myself having a negative week, I remind myself that doing more won't help, in my experience anyway. Rather, slowing down and being more methodical will help me get out of a stressful rut. 

To change your perspective you must first be open to doing so. And I think it's important to realise that not everyone is and you can only change your view to positively impact those around you. 

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