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Veggie Spots: The Plant Base, Tunbridge Wells

Veggie Spots: The Plant Base, Tunbridge Wells

These days, veggies and vegans have some great choices when it comes to eating out. It was something I was quite worried about when becoming a vegetarian because, well, I like to go out with friends for dinner... a lot. But the truth is, there are some great spots to eat at whether they are purely plant based or have a few options on the menu. 

This mini blog-series will highlight great places to eat at if you're vegetarian, vegan or would just like to dabble in some plant based food.

The Plant Base, Tunbridge Wells

The Plant Base…

… is an independent whole food cafe based in Tunbridge Wells.

The Plant Base is an independent whole food cafe based in Tunbridge Wells. It stands out to me because it's a place to grab a quick bite with everything on the menu being completely vegan. It helps that the staff at Plant Base are super friendly, not to mention having a very Instagram-able atmosphere. I mean, just check out the pictures.

I'd recommend trying one of the lunch bowls - the almond and lime dressing is a genius creation (looks like hummus but it's so much better - I'm a hummus hater). 

I'm yet to try the breakfast menu, although the breakfast acai bowl looks right up my millennial street. The Plant Base serves Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch, with some tasty dairy-free desserts on offer. Made from scratch every day, you'll find some different treats to try, and I believe the menu changes seasonally. The drinks menu also has a variety of smoothies, coffee, tea and cold pressed juices to choose from. 

Check out The Plant Base on their Instagram page or website and give them some love.

If you liked this style of post and want to see more, come back here soon for more veggie spots to eat at!

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